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Computer hardware and networking certification is very important when searching for jobs in the IT industry or when working for any major company with a sophisticated IT infrastructure. Looking at the current scope in jobs in hardware and networking area is in the billions of dollars.

Hardware and Networking Certification Opportunities
There are plenty of job opportunities for those who have taken Hardware and Networking certification courses. Opportunities range from starting your own business or joining one of Jetking's existing partner organsations for a 100% job placement guarantee. There is a lack of hardware and networking professionals, while demand for certified students is very high. Currently, all major corporations manage their business on the cloud. It has become very critical for companies in all industries to maintain high levels of IT security and also keep up with the fast changing computer hardware industry.

Computer Hardware Certification
At Jetking, our short term courses in computer hardware is taught using modern assessment system. Our hardware course will make you an expert at computer repair. Topics covered include microprocessor, memory, motherboard, monitors, assembling a PC, working with printers and scanners, hardware troubleshooting skills, server hardware, to name a few.

Learning about the functioning of the machines, finding out how they operate, learning how to fix or replace these parts and much more is how you will earn your hardware certification. This hardware networking certificate is not just to teach you the basics, but this knowledge sets you up to be able to keep up with new machines that are released in the market daily.

A hardware certification will make you an expert in computers and their repair. A graduate of this certification could easily open up their own business of computer repair and with the certification, you will have a skill that all companies look for when hiring computer hardware professionals.

New and fast machines are always being made by companies, getting a hardware certification helps you to giving confidence to employers in your abilities.

Networking Certification
Networking is the process of interconnecting different computers for the purpose of sharing resources. The Internet itself is a massive network. If there is more than a single computer in an office or a home that is also considered a network.

Getting your networking certification is extremely important for landing a job. Through a networking course you will learn how to setup a network, the difference between a personal network and a local area network from a metropolitan or wide area network. Today, all companies and organizations run on computer networks. It is the job of an individual with a hardware and networking certification to identify the best network and also ensure that it runs securely and smoothly within the company.

Getting the basics of hardware and networking from a reputed institution is key when going for jobs. At Jetking, we are partnered with India's biggest names in the IT and other industries. Your skills as a hardware and networking professional will be put to use immediately. Our networking courses are taught using our patented SmartLabPlus methodology. This interactive method allows for greater clarity in learning the course material.

In 2017, getting hardware and networking certification equips you with the skills necessary to start your own computer business or to get a job in the world's biggest companies.